Public Data


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Public Data Overview

Public data refers to all data and information created by a public agency and public information that leads to communication and
cooperation among all citizens. If the list of public data owned by each public institution and the public data that can be opened to
the public are registered on the portal, they will be reborn as high-quality public data that anyone can share.

TIP! Anyone can use it!

A portal (public data portal) serves as a window for the integrated management of public data owned by each public institution.
This is a space where all public data to be opened to the public are gathered, and anyone can use the public data portal.

Public data list

If you want to start a business using public data, you can easily find open public data in the public data list.
It is possible to search public data that can be used for start-up business models by type and content.

TIP! Anyone can use it?

First! Search public data using data names, keywords, descriptions, etc.

Second! Enter the ‘Data List’ menu of the public data portal and search freely by data type and agency you need.”